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If you run Music Studio you probably had a situation where your students didn't come back after few lessons. Imagine how your life would look like if you could reduce amount of such students by 10%, 12% or even 15%? How many more classes would you give? How many free slots would you occupy on your schedule? Would you have additional money out of that?

Ear Training Mastery is a set of online ear training exercises. Exercises will improve your students aural skills and will help you keep your students longer - much longer.

Most of Ear Training software doesn't provide capability of running a School or Studio. There are few solutions, but they are simply too expensive. Their prices reach thousands of dollars. Ear Training Mastery is different. We offer affordable and high quality product.



violin teacherWe've come up with a solution to provide your Students easy access to Online Ear Training exercises. Students assigned to your School or Studio will have full access Ear Training Mastery exercises and resources.

Giving away free incentive as a bonus to your classes will increase your Studios’ reputation. It will help you spread the word about your Studio and will keep your students for longer – much longer.

With Ear Training Mastery you are able to give free incentives to your new and existing students. You'll be able to stand out from the crowd of Music Studios in your area. You will quickly increase your reputation and word of mouth will be spread a lot faster.


ok Get Ahead Of Your Competition

ok  Keep Your Students Longer - Much Longer

ok  Attract More Students

ok Increase Your Studio Reputation

ok Give Special Bonuses That No One Else Is Giving

ok Make Word Of Mouth About Your Classes Spread Faster



  • "I used to have F's from Ear Training classes. Now I'm getting A's - thank you!"  Anna 
  • "I like your clean and neat structure of the material. I like the way you present your theoretical examples."Aldona M.
  • "Site is easy to understand and navigate"Z. Sz.
  • "I like your exercises and the virtual piano :-)" – Laura K.
  • "I like your solution I hope there will be more sites like that in the future."Natharius



You can start your FREE 30 day trial now.

      1) Create you free “Silver Account” at Ear Training Mastery.
2) Change your account type to “Teacher”.
3) Create your music school or studio and sign up for Free 30 day trial.
4) Add other teachers of your studio (based on emails).
5) Add your students (based on emails).

All of the above should take you around 4-5 minutes. We are here to help. If you need any help or will get stuck feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Ear Training Mastery was invented and developed to help Music Schools Students improve their Aural Skills. Ear Training Classes are difficult for most of the young musicians and are extremely difficult to practice alone. Usually practice requires second person to play notes, sounds or melodies for us. Ear Training Mastery was intended to give possibility of practicing Ear Training at home whenever you need.

guitar-classAs Ear Training Teacher or Tutor, you usually don’t have enough time with your students to accomplish much of ear training exercises. This is why we’ve released possibility of giving free access to students so that they can practice ear training on top of your regular classes.

Our goal was to create easy and intuitive ear training solution. I think we've achieved our goal. Check it out yourself.




piano-classOur software has originated in Europe. It was first released to the public in 2011, but the idea came to life much earlier. It all started in 2009 when group of talented and passionate musicians wanted to help out others with ear training. We all knew how difficult Ear Training was for us and we wanted to ease this pain for others. Idea came to create Ear Training software that would help out musicians all over the world. Designed by professionals in fields of Ear Training and IT software – Ear Training Master development has started.

With help and support of European Union funds we managed to bring our idea to life. Now we are proud that we helped and continue to help thousands of musicians all over the world with their Aural Skills.

Our product is created using latest Web 2.0 technologies like Adobe Flex, PHP, JavaScript and more. All these technologies combined together with carefully though User Experience design gave birth to Ear Training Mastery.


Give a try to Ear Training Mastery for 3 months and if you don’t improve your Studios reputation and/or decrease free slots on your schedule than simply give us a call and we will cheerfully refund your entire purchase price.

Remember that there is a FREE 30 day trial of Ear Training Mastery for Schools. This means that you don't have to put any money upfront to test us out.

On top of that you can cancel anytime, there are no binding contracts.



   Package Type
   10 Students + 2 Teachers: $ 15
   25 Students + 5 Teachers: $ 15
   50 Students + 10 Teachers: $ 65
   100 Students + 15 Teachers: $ 120
   200 Students + 30 Teachers: $ 200
   more than 200 students:

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To create your FREE Ear Training Mastery account click here >>>CREATE ACCOUNT<<<