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Precise Online Metronome

metronomeIconLooking for Precise Online Metronome? You have just found it. Check our Precise Online Metronome that we have embedded into this post. If interested you can download it and use it on your web page / blog.


Looking for Precise Online Metronome? I think you have just found it:

Instructions on how to use it: 

1) Turning On/Off - simply click the "Power On/Off" button and you are set to go: 

2) Setting Number of Beats - simply click on "+" button to increase or "-" to decrease number of beats
To increase number of beats:

To decrease number of beats:

3) Setting tempo by Tapping - simply click on "Tap to Set Tempo" button and tap space 4 times.

Click button:

Tap SPACE 4 times: 

4) Set tempo by name or BPM - simply click corresponding button and choose your tempo:
By BPM (Beats per Minute):

By Tempo Name:

If you have any suggestions or feedback - please share it with us. If you would like to use this metronome on your site, feel free to do that as well. Simply download swf file and place it on your web site.