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Perfect Pitch - new online ear training exercise has just released a new ear training exercise for you. It is called Perfect Pitch. In this exercise you have to recognize what is the exact sound being played. This exercise is extremely important for your Ear Training and Music Skills.

Below is detailed description on how it works:

Program is playing a random sound which you have to identify. Once you know what is the sound you have to provide your answer on virtual piano keyboard. Right now piano, guitar and flute sound are being played. Before new sound is being played you will hear a „sound reset” noise.

When you initiate the exercise program will ask you for number or examples you would like to practice.


Once exercise is started, program will play a random sound. You can playback that sound as many times as you want. 


Once you are ready to provide your answer just click on piano key to provide your answer. If your answer is correct you will see a "good sign" next to "PLAY" button. Correct piano key will be marked as well.


In case of an incorrect answer you will see "bad sign" next to "PLAY" button. Program will mark what was the correct sound on the keyboard.


Exercise is quite flexible. You can define what instruments should be used during this exercise and well as sound range. You can choose different range for each of the instruments. Let's say you clicked on guitar range to change notes range from "c1 to c3" so something else.


A virtual piano keyboard will popup where you can select your range for guitar instrument. Press OK button to confirm your settings. 


Now when guitar sound will be randomized it will randomize sounds only from that range. For other instruments it will choose corresponding note ranges.


If you find Perfect Pitch exercise useful please let us know. If you have any comments or feedback please let us know as well. We would love to hear if this exercise is useful or not.