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Musical Memory - online ear training game

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Recently we have launched a new exercise type. It is a game called "Musical Memory". Basically you are supposed to find identical sounds that remain hidden under the buttons. The game is enjoyable and interesting, and at the same time it trains your hearing and musical memory.



Ear Training – What Is It?


Ear training is a compulsory subject in music schools of all levels. Specific exercises are meant to help in recognizing complex sounds, such as intervals, chords, or rhythms. These three groups, together with the major and minor system permits to write down with notes any piece of music we hear.

Why is ear training so difficult? Usually it is due to lack of regularity in exercising. 

But what does regularity have to do with ear training?...


Virtual Piano - online virtual piano keyboard to play music

virtual piano iconWe are happy to anounce that we have released Virtual Piano. This is a tool you can use to play simple melodies with your mouse or keyboard. Right now there are 3 instruments available with different scales. 



Perfect Pitch - new online ear training exercise


EarTrainingMastery.com has just released a new ear training exercise for you. It is called Perfect Pitch. In this exercise you have to recognize what is the exact sound being played. This exercise is extremely important for your Ear Training and Music Skills.